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BNZ harnesses Generate Zero for comprehensive financed emissions reporting

Generate Zero is on a mission to empower organizations toward net-zero goals at scale, particularly in the complex area of financed emissions. Last year we teamed up with the Bank of New Zealand and our AI-powered software has empowered them to efficiently measure, analyze, and report on their financed emissions for their mortgages asset class.

Blog 23 February 2024

Recently the BNZ team acknowledged our integral role in enhancing their emissions reporting capabilities, which we’re thrilled to share: “Generate Zero have played an integral role in enabling BNZ to measure, analyse and report on financed emissions for our residential lending portfolio. We found their platform provided robust methodologies, technology, and all with an agile, personable delivery.”

We are proud to be supporting the great work that BNZ is undertaking in the sustainability area, underpinned by their vision to build a resilient, regenerative, and inclusive Aotearoa New Zealand.

As we celebrate the success of our collaboration, we look forward to the future, continuing to support BNZ in their initiatives. The journey towards a sustainable future in finance is ongoing and Generate Zero is committed to being an integral part of BNZ's continued success.

Our software platform is an industry-first solution, measuring both financed and operational emissions on a single, intelligent, AI powered platform, our proprietary data models are unique in the market and allow banks to effectively tackle reporting for their asset classes. To find out more contact our team today.