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The revolutionary sustainability platform to measure, manage, and reduce your carbon emissions

Environmentally conscious leaves symbolising Generate Zero's mission to reduce carbon emissions through advanced technology.

Take action towards a more sustainable future

Generate Zero's carbon emission management platform empowers your organisation on its journey to zero emissions and beyond. 

By harnessing the power of data, analytics and AI, we solve the complex challenge of measuring scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions to deliver a sustainable future.

Tell your sustainability story

Using AI, dashboards, predictive models and data visualistion to create powerful story-telling that takes your business on the journey to sustainability and compliance.

Seamless automated

Automated Data Input

Manage your data input through a single interface. Set-up automated data connections using AI for data ingestion and file mapping.

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Powerful visualisation

Powerful Visualisation

Graphical interface with deep-dives into activity areas with industry benchmarking. Value chain measurement for scope 3 emissions.

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Pre-Built Reduction Library

Drag and drop reduction planning using an initiatives library based on real reduction projects.

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Audit 2

Audit Ready Outputs

Integrate with certification processes to create audit ready outputs.

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Some of our Clients

Knowledge Base

Keep up to date with the latest news, media and research papers.

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  • Generate Zero and AIG Insurance; managing and reducing operational and insurance-associated carbon emissions

    Blog dot 9 April 2024

    We are excited to announce our partnership with AIG Insurance and proud that our software will be supporting them to meet their CRD obligations, enabling them to measure, analyse, report and importantly, reduce both their operational and insurance emissions.

    At Generate Zero we have a unique solution for the insurance sector to help insurance companies measure both insurance and operational emissions on a single intelligent platform.

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  • Generate Zero and LGFA partnership; measuring, analysing and reporting financed emissions

    Blog dot 21 March 2024

    We are thrilled to be working with the Local Government Funding Agency (LGFA) and proud that our software is supporting them on their carbonzero journey, enabling them to measure, analyse and report on their council lending emissions. At Generate Zero we have a unique solution for the finance sector delivering a comprehensive market-first solution to help financial institutions measure both financed and operational emissions on a single intelligent platform.

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Let's go beyond zero emissions

By generating nothing, we can achieve everything for the planet. We'd love to explain how Footprint can help your business accelerate your ESG compliance. 

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