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Using the power of data, AI and analytics to supercharge your journey to net zero

An ocean symbolising Generate Zero's mission to protect the environment through innovative technology.

An intelligent platform that accelerates your company on its sustainability journey

Whether you are a SME or multinational enterprise, Footprint can be customised to your business shape, size and industry.

Global, modular and expandable, it is validated, measurable and proven.

We are passionate to empower organisations committed to making a positive difference to our planet.

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Measure What Matters

Powerful visualisations and deep-dives into emission areas with industry benchmarking

  • Drill Down
    Capture, validate and understand your emissions

    Slice your data and see insights and trends to embrace data driven decision making

  • Value Chain
    Measure your value chain

    Identify if your supply chain is linked to carbon intensive industries and measure the emissions of your overall value chain

  • Chart pie
    Financed and Insurance emissions

    Banking and Insurance modules using proprietary data models to measure and reduce scope 3 emissions using global frameworks

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Reduce Now

Set top targets and develop a transparent business wide plan for reducing your emissions .

  • Target 2
    Target setting

    Set top down science-based targets that align and benchmark to industry standards in order to achieve net zero by 2050

  • Reduction Plan
    Reduction planning

    Create a reduction plan by customising initiatives from our initiatives library or create your own. Learn from companies who have gone before to accelerate your journey to making a difference

  • Track
    Review your progress.

    Track progress against your plan on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis and capture measurable performance

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Audit and Report

Create customisable reports to align with audit, certification and disclosure requirements.

  • Signal bars
    Auditing with ease

    Assist the audit process with traceability, audit trails and version control.

  • Report
    All the reports you need

    Generate and download inventory management reports, annual reports and disclosure statements.

  • Audit
    Stay compliant

    We help you keep your emissions management up to date as measurement and reduction requirements evolve.

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Implementation and data support

Our team of sustainability experts rapidly help you set up your carbon measurement framework and data ingestion to take the pain out of carbon management

  • Db
    Supports businesses at all stages

    Enabling you to move from fragmented data to integrated and automated data solutions.

  • Seamless
    Seamless data integrations

    Manage data input and integrations. Set-up automated data connections, using AI for data ingestion and file mapping.

    Ongoing support as required

    We provide continued support on your sustainability journey, the future is ours to protect and create

Let's go beyond zero emissions

By generating nothing, we can achieve everything for the planet. We'd love to explain how Footprint can help your business accelerate your ESG compliance.

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