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Our collective responsiblility

Awakening to the Climate Crisis: Our Collective Responsibility

The GF23 Global Futures Conference in New York was a stark reminder of the urgent need for transformational action in the face of the climate crisis. Our planet, with a population nearing 9 billion, stands at the brink of exceeding its capacity to sustain dignified lives for all. The evidence is crystal clear: incremental changes are no longer sufficient. We must dare to innovate, collaborate, and implement unconventional ideas and technology to accelerate our response to this existential threat.

Blog 12 October 2023

Digging Ourselves Deeper

Professor Johan Rockström's analogy of the "first law of holes" hit home—when you find yourself in a hole, the first imperative is to stop digging. Yet, despite the mounting evidence and dire warnings, we continue to dig. As Dame Jane Goodall noted, humans possess unmatched intellect, yet we persist in harming our only home. The urgency of the situation cannot be overstated.

Worrying Metrics

Key metrics are flashing warning signs. Fossil fuel subsidies, which should be on the decline, have increased from USD$5 to 7 trillion dollars annually. This reckless support for fossil fuels imperils humanity's well-being at a staggering rate of USD$13 million per minute.

Moreover, limiting global warming to 1.5℃ is not merely an aspiration but a vital limit. Exceeding this threshold would spell the irreversible destruction of ecosystems we cannot afford to lose—coral reefs, the Amazon, and the Greenland ice sheet. Meeting an indigenous expert underscored the profound impact of our actions on these fragile environments.

Individual Actions Matter

While collective action is essential, individual actions play a pivotal role in driving systemic change. Every person can contribute in their own way, and although no one can do everything, everyone can do something. Individual actions should not be isolated; they must collectively push for systemic change. It's imperative that governments lead the way by phasing out fossil fuels, enforcing regulations against illegal fishing, and addressing ecosystem collapse. We need a paradigm shift in how our systems operate.

Becoming Change Makers

We all possess the potential to be change makers, planetary guardians. By speaking up, taking action, and holding those in power accountable, we can drive the transformation needed to address the climate crisis. The message is clear: nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.

Many hands

The climate crisis is a resounding call to action for humanity as a whole.

We find ourselves at a critical juncture where our choices will determine the course of our planet for generations to come. Incremental change is no longer enough; we must embrace transformation.

The way forward

By heeding the warnings, setting limits, protecting our invaluable ecosystems, and collectively advocating for systemic change, we can secure a sustainable and dignified future for all. Let us all rise to the challenge of safeguarding our planet, becoming change makers, and ensuring that the urgency of the climate crisis becomes a catalyst for the transformational action we so desperately need.

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