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Empowering organisations on their sustainability journey

New Kiwi start-up helping businesses tackle carbon emissions

Blog 15 May 2023


Data-led sustainability company, Generate Zero, has launched today with a mission to empower businesses on their journey towards a more sustainable future. The platform leverages the power of data, analytics, and AI to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint.

Carmen Vicelich, Generate Zero Founder and award-winning data and tech entrepreneur, says this occasion marks an important step forward for sustainability in Aotearoa and the world.

“Generate Zero is our answer to the increasing demand for accurate ESG reporting and solutions through data and being the change we wish to see in the world to protect our people and planet," says Vicelich.

As a global pioneer in scalable technology businesses, Vicelich and her Data Insight team recognised that many businesses find carbon emission measurement and validation challenging. Data Insight is a New Zealand company which delivers data solutions and consulting analytics to some of the largest organisations in Australasia to solve real world problems.

“We know emissions reporting is a lengthy and difficult process, but our Generate Zero solution removes barriers to entry in gathering reliable carbon emissions data and validating it this with a proven tested model. Data Insight has a long and successful history, in data, analytics and AI, and we want to give businesses the opportunity to leverage this to deliver their ESG reporting.

“Measuring what matters is crucial to enable action. We know that once businesses start gathering accurate emissions measurements, they can better set themselves up on the path to emissions reduction.”

The company's flagship product, Footprint, offers a comprehensive solution that automates data ingestion and measures Scope 3 emissions including finance and insurance-associated emissions. It also provides a reduction module that incorporates the best practices of other businesses.

“We are excited to offer Footprint to simplify the complex process of measuring, managing, and reducing carbon emissions. The platform is simple, intuitive, and easy to use, to take the pain away from carbon emission reporting,” continues Vicelich.

“Footprint uses our proprietary business and property databases to generate industry benchmark data and enable actionable insights, which help businesses measure their financed emissions more efficiently and identify areas for rapid improvement. Scope 3 emissions can be some of the trickiest to calculate for environmental disclosure reporting, but Footprint helps to streamline the process.

“Using our innovative approach, we aim to go beyond carbon neutrality and develop new solutions to help businesses achieve a measurable environmental impact and to move from data, to insight, to foresight.”

Leading businesses such as lenders and insurers are already implementing Generate Zero's Footprint to measure and reduce the carbon footprint including Property Brokers for their property portfolios.

"Generate Zero plays a crucial role in accurately measuring the emissions of our 7,000 properties across provincial New Zealand and enables us to achieve our goal of reducing our carbon footprint," said David Faulkner, GM of Property Management at Property Brokers.

Generate Zero represents the culmination of 18 months of research and collaboration with experts in the carbon accounting field, including Toitū, NZTE, and Callaghan, as well as Data Insight's substantial customer base.

The company has designed its platform to be compatible with global standards, such as Toitū Envirocare's methodology and certification programme.

“Sustainability is fast becoming a key focus for almost every business in Aotearoa. This has recently been heightened by mandatory climate-related disclosures for large businesses across the country.

“With the launch of Generate Zero, we’re excited to use our team’s significant skills, along with our data and analytics, to make a positive difference. Technology is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world and our experience in the field will play an instrumental role in helping us support Kiwi businesses so they can track, meet, and exceed their sustainability goals,” concludes Vicelich.

Generate Zero is now offering pilots and demos of Footprint to businesses interested in reducing their carbon emissions and accelerating their sustainability journey.


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