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Asset classes

Generate Zero launches 5 new asset classes

Generate Zero has recently gone live with 5 more asset classes to help banks and insurance companies report on their financed and insured emissions, including Commercial Real Estate, Business Loans and Unlisted Equity, Listed Equity and Corporate Bonds, Sovereign Debt and Municipal Bonds and Lending, complimenting the existing mortgages asset classes.

Blog 8 February 2024

Category 15 carbon emissions

Banks play a crucial role in financing the transition to a greener economy, requiring data and credibility to support this transition.

Category 15 carbon emissions typically represent a large portion of a banks overall carbon footprint but are challenging to measure from a data perspective. Footprint’s proprietary data models enable banks to not only meet disclosure requirements but also help them to understand these emissions and support their customers to make more sustainable choices.

Generate Zero provides a comprehensive market-first solution that is both transformative and essential, helping banks and insurers measure both their financed and operational emissions on a single intelligent platform.

Reach out to our team today to learn how!