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AI for Impact: How Generate Zero uses generative AI to accelerate decarbonisation for businesses

Generative AI is playing a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions and addressing climate change. It is making significant global impact through various contributions, such as mapping icebergs and water release into the ocean, deforestation monitoring, climate risk and weather pattern prediction, energy efficiency optimisation to name a few.

Blog 15 February 2024

Generative AI in action 

At Generate Zero we are using AI in our sustainability platform, which helps organisations measure, reduce and report their emissions, including their financed emissions. It is proving incredibly powerful in our software and we are excited about the possibilities going forward.

Here are some examples of the innovative ways we use generative AI now and in the future:

  • Carbon data ingestion has long been a major pain point for organisations wishing to measure their emissions using activity-based methodologies that align to global standards, with many organisations manually entering data each reporting period. At Generate Zero, we harness the machine learning capabilities of Microsoft Azure for automated PDF reading, using Azure AI document intelligence. This allows us to automate the reading of PDFs to ingest data into the platform, removing the need for manual data entry, and reducing error We will be extending this capability in the future to the automation of template building.
  • Our platform produces an Inventory Management Report (IMR) which describes the organisations emissions and reduction initiatives with supporting commentary. Our platform will use AI to automatically generate this report as a starting point, to speed up the process of developing it
  • Choosing emission factors is a source of pain for sustainability leaders, with many emissions factors out there for various purposed. The Generate Zero platform will use generative AI to suggest the emission factor that is expected to best align with the activity
  • Our reduction module allows organisations to create their science aligned targets and set reduction initiatives to create a plan to achieve these. We will use AI to suggest reduction initiatives to the user to help them develop their reduction plan

In summary, generative AI contributes significantly to our fight against climate change by providing innovative solutions globally, we are excited about the possibilities going forward, with generative AI allowing us to support our customers to efficiently measure and reduce their carbon footprint in the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

To hear more about how our AI software can empower your organisation to measure, manage and reduce your carbon emissions, reach out to our team today.