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Kiwibank are tackling scope 3 financed emissions with Generate Zero

Generate Zero is thrilled to announce Kiwibank will be leveraging our Footprint Platform to accelerate their climate action plan and meet their carbon footprint goals.

Blog 23 August 2023

Kiwibank are supercharging their stainability efforts, including scope 3 financed emissions.

Footprint will enable Kiwibank to measure and reduce their operational carbon emissions, gaining greater insight into carbon emission sources and reduction opportunities. Importantly, Footprint will also enable Kiwibank to measure their scope 3 financed emissions, which includes the emissions of their mortgage, commercial property and business loan portfolios.

Scope 3 carbon emissions typically represent a large portion of a bank's overall carbon footprint but are challenging to measure from a data perspective. Footprint’s proprietary data models will enable Kiwibank to not only meet disclosure requirements but also help them to understand these emissions and support their customers to make more sustainable choices.

Banks play crucial role in climate action and Generate Zero is excited to be working with a bank that is so committed to driving sustainable outcomes. 

If you would like to understand more about the measurement and reduction of your organization's scope 3 financed emissions in order to accelerate your sustainability journey, Generate Zero are here to help. Our Footprint Platform not only simplifies data collection and reporting but also facilitates a smoother accreditation process. 

Reach out to our team today to learn how we can empower your organization's sustainability journey.