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Revolutionising carbon measurement

Empowering businesses to Generate Zero

Blog 18 May 2023

Generate Zero represents the culmination of an exciting 18-month journey by the Data Insight team to create a sustainability platform that harnesses the transformative power of data, analytics, and AI. 

Our sole purpose is to empower organisations on their journey towards a more sustainable future, taking the pain out of achieving their net-zero goals.

Looking back about how it all came to be...

Our founder, Carmen Vicelich, alongside the exceptional team at Data Insight, identified a unique opportunity to revolutionise the way businesses measure, track and report on their environmental impact. With a proven track record of successfully establishing and growing global enterprises through digital technology and data, Carmen tasked the Data Insight team to develop a solution for businesses looking to accelerate their net-zero goals.

Through extensive consultations with industry experts and our invaluable clients, we were able to pinpoint the common pain points that businesses face in measuring, reporting, and addressing their carbon footprint. From there our cutting-edge sustainability solution, Footprint, was born.

The Footprint Platform

Footprint is a game-changing platform designed to tackle these data challenges head-on. It automates data ingestion, employs sophisticated industry metrics, and presents the results through a visually captivating and interactive interface.

Moreover Footprint goes above and beyond, providing comprehensive scope-3 emissions measurement, insights into financed and insurance-related emissions, and a reduction module fueled by the invaluable lessons learned from successful sustainability initiatives.

Collaboration is Key

At Generate Zero we firmly believe in collaboration, knowledge sharing and enabling businesses to make the cultural shift to take their teams on the journey. Our Footprint platform democratises access to aggregated data, allowing users to benchmark their progress against industry standards and explore their upstream and downstream emissions, all within a single, comprehensive platform. Leveraging the sister company, Valocity’s proprietary data sets, and Data Insight's unrivalled analytics and AI expertise, we deliver an industry-leading solution for carbon measurement. We've also powerful partnerships with Toitū Envirocare and the Sustainable Business Council, fortifying our commitment to driving lasting change.

What’s in a name?

When we suggested Generate Zero, our creative agency had their concerns, cautioning us that it might imply inaction. But here's the twist: when it comes to carbon emissions, generating nothing is precisely the desired outcome. We fully embrace this paradox, acknowledging that our ultimate goal is to empower businesses to significantly reduce their environmental impact.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of our esteemed partners, valued customers, and our exceptional team. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped us reach this point. We are incredibly excited about our future journey with you and have ambitious plans to go beyond zero.

To experience the remarkable capabilities of the Footprint platform firsthand, please request a demo. Join us as we pioneer sustainability, and together, let us achieve the remarkable feat of producing nothing.

Contact us today and be a part of the Generate Zero revolution.